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Euthanasia System for Mouse Pups

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Alternative methods

Neonates 10 days of age or less, are resistent to hypoxia; if CO2 is used to euthanise the neonates, prolonged exposure in time is needed to cause loss of consciousness or death and therefore this method is considered unethical.

The alternative euthanasia method for these neonates, with less stress for the neonate, is according to the Dutch Government the following procedure:

  • Place the neonates in a "box" and close this "box"
  • Introduce Isoflurane to bring the neonates under anaesthesia
  • Be sure to keep the Isoflurane in the "box" and place this closed "box" in a freezer and leave it there until the neonates are death



Uno has introduced the equipment enabling this alternative euthanasia methods for neonates and comprises of the following items:

  • Special designed box 1) with sliding lid 2) and with 2 quick stop-lock tube connections 3) for the supply- (inlet) and the evacuation (outlet) of the anaestethic gas mixture
  • A scavenger to evacuate excess anaesthetic gas mixture (If a scavenger is available, it could be used if it has sufficient suction power
  • An Anaesthesia setup with Flowmeter and Vaporiser


The procedure is as follows:

  • Connect the Flowmeter/Vaporiser setup to the inlet tube
  • Connect the scavenger (or Exhaust Unit) to "ON"
  • Set the Flowmeter at +- 6-700 ml/min
  • Place the neonates (mouse pups) in the box and close the sliding lid
  • Set the vaporiser at 5% Isoflurane
  • Wati until all mouse pups are unconscious
  • Set the vaporiser on 0% Isoflurane
  • Close the flow on the Flowmeter
  • Keep the sliding lid closed and disconnect the Quick stop-lock of both the inlet- and outlet tube
  • Place the closed box in the freezer and leave it in the freezer until all pups are euthanised.
  • Only than take the box out of the freezer and connect it to the Flowmeter/Vaporiser setup and to the Scavenger of Exhaust Unit; Keep the sliding lid closed.
  • Set the Scavenger (or Exhaust Unit) to "ON"
  • Set the flow of AIR to 600 ml/min (the vaporiser stays at 0%)
  • Open the sliding lid of the box for < 1 cm, this allows for the remaining Isoflurane in the box to be evacuated
  • After about 20 seconds, open the sliding door further and take out the euthanised mouse pups


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