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Desinfectie & reiniging voor onderzoeksfaciliteiten

DiosolGenerator PHARMA

Dit product is enkel beschikbaar in België

Art. No. 275410

DioProtection: A disinfection technology that gives pathogens and contamination not a single chance - even in the most inaccessible gaps.

DiosolGenerator produces an extremely fine and cold mist of Diosol which penetrates through the room from all sides, reaching and reliably disinfecting the most inaccessible gaps. This way, a safe, complete and environmentally friendly decontamination according to German norms and EN standards will be achieved without expensive manpower.

Mobile, electrically operated device for cleanroom and surface disinfection purposes (Aerosol disinfection). Stainless steel housing with stainless steel nozzle. This cleanroom disinfection system works in accordance with cleanroom requirements and has been developed in cooperation with pharma industry experts. It offers several electronic control mechanisms as well as comfortable application buttons.

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