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Testimonials ambassadeurs Carfil Quality

For over 40 years, Carfil Quality has never changed its way of working. As a total supplier for all laboratory needs, we provide solutions for our customers and put the customer at the center.  Every day we go for 100% commitment for 95% satisfied customers. You have to earn the trust of your customers. We value personal contact with customers, fast service and high quality.  Who better to give their opinion about us: our customers, our ambassadors. Thank you to all our Carfil Quality ambassadors.

Animal Facility manager in a university in Europe

For years we have been working with Carfil to our great satisfaction. We count on them for bedding, cage enrichment and nutrition of about 10.000 animals. Each time we can count on smooth and clear communication, customer-friendly service and quality products. Especially when we are looking for something new, an expansion of our cages or stables, they always think along with us and look for a quick solution, fantastic!

Logistic Facility manager a pharmaceutical company in Europe

We have been working with Carfil Quality for about 20 years. The listening supported by their services, the contribution in advice, research of new products to keep progressing in animal welfare and flexibility are their strengths. The interest and concern to understand the needs of the customers are also qualities that should be included in these strengths.
The quick response to requests and the confidence your company provides are examples for other companies to follow.

Logistic Facility manager in a university in Europe

On the 31st of October 2017, we had our first contact with Carfil Quality regarding their cage enrichment “Carfil Nesting Cups”. In 2018 we received samples of the then artisanal Carfil Nesting Cups of 8 - 10 g and 10 - 12 g and the accompanying certificates and analysis. On 24/10/2019 we received our first official order of the Cups.

We switched to 10g Carfil Nesting Cups in 2021 because from then on they were machine produced and there was more choice in grammage. They now come in boxes with a plastic liner but on request we receive boxes without liners. We consider such things a great service. There is always great communication regarding orders and deliveries. Carfil works with reliable transport companies and always informs us in time when we can expect the delivery to arrive.

Researcher at a university in Europe

To date, no treatment and no cure for spinal cord injury exist. This is the focus of our research. It involves national and international collaborations with multiple institutions and work on small animals, large animals and humans for clinical trials. In the past, we have established a mini pig model for spinal cord injury using Aachen mini pigs supplied by CARFIL (https://www.carfil.eu/en/research-animals-mini-pigs). Because of differences in anatomy and physiology, large animal models for spinal cord injury are more relevant to human patients than rodents are. One obvious aspect is the size itself. For instance, axonal regrowth over 1 mm can have a great impact in rodents while it has no importance in a large animal. Another aspect is that the anatomy and physiology of large animals allow scaling up therapeutic strategies. which cannot be done in rodents. The past years we have been fortunate to work with CARFIL who supplied us with Aachen mini pigs of the desired age and weight. They organised the transportation of the animals so that they could be delivered to our animal facility according to the FELASA requirements. Health status and history information was provided upon arrival of the mini pigs. CARFIL also provided nutrition for the duration of the experiment. We are pleased of the communication we have with CARFIL and we will continue working with them for our future experiments on mini pigs.