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IVC-Cage Euthanasia System

Dit product is enkel beschikbaar in België


Uno introduces an euthanasia system that can be used for the following IVC cages:

Allentown: XJ and Nexgen

Tecniplast: Blue Line 1145, Blue Line 1284, Blue Line 1285 (L-Type II Next), Green Line GM 50

Just dock your IVC cage into the unit and the euthanasia process will start.


The unit has to be connected to an electrical wall outlet AND to a CO2 cylinder or in-house CO2 distribution system.

The inlet pressure to the unit needs to be set at 0,5 bar via an external pressure regulator (not included).

When the IVC cage is correctly placed, the unit ensures and even distribution of CO2 and thus a homogeneously increasing concentration of CO2 within the IVC cage. If the IVC cage is prematurely removed from the unit, the gas supply stops and the cycle ends prematurely!

The mice are euthanised in accordance with the AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals (2013), the German Animal Protection Act and Animal Welfare Regulation Governing Experimental Animals (2013).

The Cycle begins when the CO2 starts flowing into the unit. This cycle lasts 6 minutes.