• 40 years of experience in special diets for laboratory animals
  • Optimal quality

Environmental enrichment for laboratory animals

Carfil M-Brick


  • Dimensions: 20x20x100 mm
  • Made of high quality Aspen wood
  • Without glue or additives
  • Designed to fulfill natural gnawing, hiding and climbing instincts
  • Improves the dental health of the animals
  • Suitable for re-use following cage change
  • Autoclavable
  • Irradiation on request


Carfil M-Brick
Dimensions: 20x20x100 mm
Pieces per box: 200
Number of boxes per pallet: 100 boxes (height palet 2.20 m - 2.30 m)
Number of irradiated boxes per pallet: 80 boxes (height palet 2.20 m - 2.30 m)
Irradiation on request