• 40 years of experience in special diets for laboratory animals
  • Optimal quality

Research animals

Aachen Mini Pig


  • Litter average: 6 to 7
  • Birth weight: ca. 0,4 kg
  • Permanent health control
  • Due to their size and weight the mini pigs are suitable for long-term and chronic studies
  • With the correct handling of mini pigs, the animals are cooperative during trial procedures
  • These mini pigs are bred in a barrier with a health certificate

Weight evolution*

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Age (months) Weight (kg)
0 ca. 0,5 kg
3 ca. 10 kg
6 ca. 18 kg
9 ca. 27 kg
12 ca. 36 kg
15 ca. 40 kg
18 ca. 42 kg
21 ca. 43 kg
24 ca. 44 kg
27 ca. 44 kg
30 ca. 44 kg

 *These are averages. The weight depends on the type of feed and feed ratios. 

Application possibilities

Mini pigs are used in various fields of  orthopaedic surgery, as general surgical models, for xenotransplantation, in dermatological studies involving wound healing and plastic surgery procedures, in toxicology and pharmacology studies, diabetes studies and among other areas of research.