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What does Carfil Quality do regarding "The Three Rs principle"?

The 3 R principle was launched in 1960 by 2 English biologists. The 3 Rs stand for Replacement, Reduction and Refinement.

Even though Carfil Quality is a life science supplier and we do not do studies ourselves, we have offered solutions for our customers. It is important that we also take responsibility as a supplier for all laboratory needs related to the 3Rs, even if we offer Spf NZW rabbits and Aachen mini pigs. 

By conducting research and taking into account the 3Rs principle and transparency to the public, I am convinced that life science has its right to exist and safeguards public health and much beyond.

Let me give you two examples of our way of thinking about the 3Rs.

Replacement alternatives

One of our clients kept several NZW rabbits for years where they took some blood every now and then every year to use the blood. This blood was used for studies on tropical diseases, specifically studies on malaria. 

Nowadays instead of housing the rabbits they buy the blood. This way this client no longer needed rabbits in its animal facility, it also reduced administration and labour costs and time. After this change of method, the client sold the housing equipment, made some money from the investment and gained some free space.

Reduction alternatives

In our range, we also have the Aachen mini pigs. This model is widely used and has proven to be a reliable research model. We often receive enquiries from new, potential customers who ask for specific dimensions of organs or veins or other parts of the animal before deciding what age or weight the Aachen mini pigs should be. Instead of doing pilot studies to see if the studies can be done, we contact existing customers to get the requested information for the potential customers. They can search their historical data and will reduce the use of animals as fewer trials will be needed. About the available data and material of our Aachen mini-pigs, we will announce more in the near future.

If you have any requirements regarding the data of the Aachen mini pigs or you have other wishes please contact me philippe@carfil.be. We will be happy to help you and with the philosophy of the 3 Rs.