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The importance of cage enrichment

The accommodation of laboratory animals used in the development and control of medicines or for basic research in universities, research centers, pharmaceuticals companies  is standardized as much as possible. It should not affect the research results. There are many legal requirements for the accommodation and care of these animals. For example, the cage must meet the physiological and psychological needs of the animals: as in the wild, they must behave normally so that they can survive and reproduce.

Cage enrichment stimulates normal behavior

The law provides that animal cages used for experimental and other scientific purposes must be enriched. As the term suggests, this means that the cages must primarily meet the basic needs of the animals. Cage enrichment should encourage as many normal behavior, thus reducing abnormal behavior. It gives the animals some form of control over their environment and increases their ability to cope with stress. Enrichment of the environment helps the animals to subdivide their living spaces into, for example, foraging places, shelters, rest areas or food supplies. In addition, they can avoid contact with the other animals.

Shapes and types

For mice and rats, for example, there are tubes, boxes and shelters to increase the complexity of the environment. In addition, these elements increase the usable living area. But also nesting material, manipulanda, bedding, wooden gnawing bricks for rodents are environmental enrichers that are often used.

There are two types of enrichment: enrichment for single use, made of wood, paper, cardboard or cotton, and reusable environmental enrichment from stainless steel, polycarbonate, nylon, polyurethane or natural rubber.

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